Extranet VEGA (Verspieren Global Access)

The real-time management tool for your contracts

The overall management of insurance contracts is complex for a risk manager. Between master policies, local programme policies and other local policies, you may need to manage several hundred contracts.

Thanks to our extranet Vega, you have real-time visibility of all your policies and claims internationally. Our tool will facilitate your work in terms of managing, reporting and securing your programmes in France and abroad.

From now on, you will be able to connect, completely securely and in real time, to all of your information: data by country, all countries together, by subsidiary, by branch of insurance, for policies that are in place as well as for closed or ongoing claims, etc. These data are supplied and updated by Verspieren subsidiaries abroad and by partner brokers in the Verspieren International network, in their dedicated area. Then, the Verspieren teams, who can view all data, check the information.

You will also be able to access a library that ranks the documents requested, such as policies, amendments, invoices, certificates, minutes from meetings and reports, depending on your needs and at various levels. The system archives information sorted by year, keeping it for a duration of five years. You have control of the use of the information system within your group, by monitoring your employees’ access.

Vega also helps secure risk. In the event of doubt, you can check that you are insured for a specific risk, that you are in compliance with local laws, that the policy headings are correct, etc. This could be crucial because the international aspect multiplies problems. Each subsidiary must respect local regulations and administrative practices. In certain countries, a simple error with the name could lead to a lack of coverage.

On a day-to-day basis, Vega will be an asset for you. When you are managing an international programme, you may be asked if you know which aspect is covered by a policy or not and what level of coverage is planned, etc. Thanks to Vega, you’ll be able to provide an instant response.